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Window Sox slip over the frame of your rear door like a sock. An approach which not only makes them easy to fit but also ensures the whole window is always shaded. Window Sox also allow you to have the Window open, and when it is, the fine mesh of Window Sox acts as an insect screen.

Window Sox take only a few seconds to fit and remove and once fitted they cannot be removed by your child. Window Sox are effective too, designed in Australia for their harsh sun, Window Sox filter 80% of the sun's UV. They're great for pets too.

Window Sox produce a dedicated shade for each model of car and are available for over 600 different cars

  • Seconds to fit / remove
  • Covers the whole window
  • Window can be opened
  • Blocks 80% UV
  • Acts as an insect screen
  • Cannot be pulled off by kids
  • Fresh Air & Shade
  • No Suckers or Wires
  • Available for over 600 models
How to fit WindowSox